Kamal Misra

Kamal Misra

Senior Director, Head of Banking at Capgemini Invent India
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Treasury Management

Envisioning resilient treasury and cash management dynamics for corporate banking efficiency

28 May 2021

In the corporate banking environment, treasury and cash management are closely aligned. Treasury management is amalgamated with corporate level decision making in areas such as strategic liquidity positions, deficit and risk mitigation, capital deployment. Cash management on the other hand, is down the order and predominantly concerned with managi...

Trends in Financial Services

Recalibrating wealth management through 4 Ps - products, platforms, participants, principles

18 Nov 2020

2020 has been a year fraught with a wild goose chase for fiscal sanity. As the global economy grapples with a massive instability owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Financial Services (FS) sector, in particular, seeks to trudge off the beaten track to rediscover value and substance. Leading banks around the world are undertaking restructuring and...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Direct to Customers - Will FS firms be upping the ante?

25 Jul 2020

In the early days of computing, monolithic stacks of mainframe computers used to command an enviable proposition. Scores of scrunched up users waving punch cards had to fight it out to have their programs processed through an excruciating time-sharing system as computing resources were scarce. The advent of personal computers spawned an era of sel...