Kamal Misra

Kamal Misra

Senior Director, Head of Banking at Capgemini Invent India
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Open Innovation Ecosystem

India's Financial Services Renaissance: Innovation and Inclusion expanding the Digital Perimeter

23 Feb 2024

The Indian banking sector, once synonymous with barters, brick-and-mortar ubiquitousness, and bureaucratic nonchalance, is currently undergoing a momentous transformation. This metamorphosis is catalyzed by a confluence of factors: progressive regulatory reforms, a burgeoning wave of digitization, and the strategic integration of open banking and ...

Open Banking

Turn up the BaaS: How banks are rising to the occasion to embrace a discerning business model

19 Feb 2023

Among the myriad tracks signifying evolutionary dynamics, mutualism finds resonance among researchers and biologists as an exploratory construct for behavioural validation. For the unversed, mutualism refers to relationships or interactions among species with each deriving a net benefit. Barter being a primordial habit has a significant biological...

Treasury Management

Envisioning resilient treasury and cash management dynamics for corporate banking efficiency

28 May 2021

In the corporate banking environment, treasury and cash management are closely aligned. Treasury management is amalgamated with corporate level decision making in areas such as strategic liquidity positions, deficit and risk mitigation, capital deployment. Cash management on the other hand, is down the order and predominantly concerned with managi...

Trends in Financial Services

Recalibrating wealth management through 4 Ps - products, platforms, participants, principles

18 Nov 2020

2020 has been a year fraught with a wild goose chase for fiscal sanity. As the global economy grapples with a massive instability owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Financial Services (FS) sector, in particular, seeks to trudge off the beaten track to rediscover value and substance. Leading banks around the world are undertaking restructuring and...