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Bio I can help you develop and implement your fintech customer growth strategy and truly scale up customer acquisition. I spent 3 years at the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) researching customer (consumer and SME) needs, attitudes and behaviours across many open banking fintech use cases. As a result, I defined and implemented the customer adoption strategy for open banking. I invented the OBIE customer experience guidelines and messaging. I can help you optimise your fintech product, customer experience, brand, messaging and target market segmentation to maximise customer adoption and growth. I have been instrumental to the development of the open banking standard, by defining the customer vision for open banking. By working to a unified vision, that puts customers at the heart of open banking, there has been far greater alignment between banks, fintechs and the OBIE, enabling better customer outcomes. Career History Effective cross-functional leader, line and general manager - Highly skilled at strategy development, customer research and marketing - Strong understanding of strategies for fintech & open banking customer adoption - Deep insight into customer needs, behaviours & challenges within the fintech & open banking ecosystem - Deep user experience insight within the fintech & open banking ecosystem - Expert in using data analytics & primary customer research for strategy development, product, customer experience, brand, messaging & target market optimisation



Customer and industry led approach to Open Finance

07 Aug 2020

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking regulations in the UK required financial institutions, on their customers’ request, to share their customer’s payment account data with third party providers such as fintechs. Open Finance is an industry led initiative looking to increase the scope of financial data sharing beyond paym...


Fintech Customer Acquisition - Market Segmentation

07 Apr 2020

This blog has been produced with support from Ipsos Mori, a sincere thanks to Paul Stamper ( for his help and input. This blog attempts to answer two key questions: Why do fintechs need to start marketing to specific target customer segments? And how should they go about identifying the right segments to target? Why must fi...


Fintech Customer Acquisition - Building Customer Trust

26 Feb 2020

This blog builds on the last blog, that can be found here[1]. The reader may wish to read the last one for context, although this blog should make sense on its own as well. Here, the attempt is to answer the following key question - what could financial technology companies (fintechs) do, to build greater consumer or SME (customer) trust in order...



Fintech Customer Acquisition - Beyond Early Adopters

24 Feb 2020

This blog attempts to answer the following key questions at a high level: What could financial technology companies (fintechs) do to enable greater consumer or SME (customer) adoption of their products and services beyond early adopters? What could fintechs do to pull under-served and well-served customers away from incumbent banks and established...