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Here's how to get hired at Sonovate

Sehrish Alikhan

Sehrish Alikhan

Reporter, Finextra

Our Breaking into Fintech series presents those looking to get hired in the fintech industry an insight into what skills and values fintech businesses are prioritising in the current market.

This time Finextra heard from Elise Lockyer, chief people officer at Sonovate, an invoicing financing solutions company which recently launched internationally, to learn more about what they expect from new hires.

What top tips can you offer candidates looking to join the industry?

Lockyer says that those seeking roles in fintech should do their research on how financial services companies operate and stay updated on the rapid pace of the industry. Innovative, passionate, and candidates who are aware of current events in the tech sector are more likely to succeed.

“As a tech-first organisation, Sonovate recruits technology professionals extensively, from recent graduates to seasoned developers. When recruiting, Sonovate will always seek out candidates who are able to adapt new challenges, show coachability, and can learn quickly,” Lockyer comments.

What does Sonovate want from their ideal candidates?

Sonovate favours candidates that are a good cultural fit, demonstrate their motivations for the role, and have relevant experience for the position they are applying for, Lockyer details.

“During the screening process, Sonovate will evaluate both technical and soft skills in relation to the job as these can determine the candidate’s ability to perform the required tasks and start contributing to the team quickly and effectively. Certain skills, especially soft ones like communication, leadership or teamwork, can indicate how well a candidate will fit with Sonovate’s company culture.”

Lockyer highlights that successful candidates will be people who are effective communicators, team players, willing to adapt, learn, and grow on the job, and those who realise the impact of their decisions on their projects and the company as a whole.

She expands: “Collaboration and teamwork are vital when it comes to the ideal candidate, being able to work well with others and contribute to a positive, productive environment is very valuable. As a fast-paced company, Sonovate looks for candidates who can adapt to new challenges and embrace learning opportunities and demonstrate effective problem-solving skills. At every level of the business, Sonovate will always look for people who are keen to bring new ideas to the table, ready to try something new and are not afraid to take on tasks that they may not have done before.”

What roles is Sonovate currently hiring for?

The company is currently recruiting in the technology, sales, risk, and credit control departments. Vacancies at Sonovate can be viewed here.

Why work at Sonovate?

Lockyer emphasises that Sonovate is a major provider for embedded finance and payment solutions in the fintech industry. There is a ‘One Team’ culture in place to inspire a collaborative work environment.

Lockyer describes the company culture as welcoming and diverse, where employee engagement is a priority. The company values teamwork, resilience, creativity, commitment, and clear communication.

What can Sonovate do for you?

Sonovate offers employees with training programmes based on their roles, for example leadership courses and communication training.

Benefits of working at the company include private medical insurance, life insurance, a pension scheme, half price gym membership, tech scheme, cycle scheme, optical care, 28 days annual leave plus bank holidays, 2 days charity leave, flexible working options, and parental leave.

Lockyer notes that Sonovate also establishes an annual benchmarking exercise to ensure employes are paid fairly and accurately for their roles.

Tell us the success stories of employees that have risen through Sonovate’s ranks.

Lockyer describes an employee that rose through the ranks:

“Katie Babich started her journey in sales as a business development consultant. Her proven track record as an individual contributor and her leadership skills propelled her to become a leader in one of the sales teams. As the head of UK start-ups she oversaw a period of unprecedented success, establishing herself as a vital asset to the broader business. Now, as a member of the senior leadership team, Katie serves as the head of operations, marking a shift from customer acquisition to a dedicated focus on customer care.

“This strategic move allows Sonovate to leverage Katie's commercial acumen in ensuring the satisfaction and success of their broad customer base, ranging from start-ups to enterprises. What has anchored Katie to Sonovate for this substantial period is the dynamic and ever-changing environment that characterises the fintech industry. Despite the inherent challenges, Katie underscores the company's resilience in finding optimal solutions, maintaining agility, and pioneering technology that not only addresses but anticipates the evolving needs of customers.”

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