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Why savvy job seekers are looking to regtech

15 Mar 2024

Lax controls in crypto and fintech companies resulted in global fines of $5.8bn last year, eclipsing fines to the entire traditional banking system by a considerable amount. According to fintech software leader Fenergo, fines in the traditional banking group amounted to $834m comparatively. Of that $5.8bn sum, $4.3bn was the well-reported US crim...

5 promising GenAI start-ups in the UK

26 Jan 2024

Every industry seems to be on an AI gold rush at the moment, as the ever-evolving technology continues to dominate discussions around the future of work. Currently, what’s frequently making mainstream headlines is when AI goes rogue. Most recently, this was a DPD chatbot swearing, and even writing a poem about the company being the “worst delivery ...

CEO survey predicts full return to in-office working by 2026

22 Dec 2023

KPMG’s latest CEO Outlook survey makes for grim reading for those currently enjoying remote and hybrid working. Out of 1,300 global CEOs of some of the world’s largest businesses, two-thirds (68%) predict a full return to in-office working by 2026. And worse still, 87% of leaders believe financial rewards, favourable assignments, and promotion opp...

5 ways to stop sabotaging your interview success

08 Dec 2023

Lateness is the obvious cardinal sin of sabotaging your interview success, but once you’re in the door – and on time – it’s soft skills that trip job hunters up. Realistically, hiring managers know from your CV if you have skills to do the job, so the interview is often more of a vibe check. From it, they’ll determine your working style, your attit...