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Breaking into Fintech: Here’s how to get hired at ClearBank

Sehrish Alikhan

Sehrish Alikhan

Reporter, Finextra

For Finextra’s latest Breaking into Fintech, we sat down with Nadine Adams, head of human resources at ClearBank, a cloud-based clearing bank that offers APIs and financial services to financial institutions.

Adams confers how there is no one ‘ideal candidate’ when hiring and that company values are at the heart of the discussion.  

What top tips can you offer candidates looking to join the industry?

ClearBank is looking for employees that share their company values that lie at the core of the company, says Adams. Successful candidates are ambitious, spirited, curious, and passionate about improving the banking industry.

“We are building a bank that is stepping away from the traditional. At ClearBank, we are non-hierarchical and forward thinking—so we are always looking for people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get ‘stuck in’, no matter their level.”

What does ClearBank want from their ideal candidates?

Adams explains that they do not have an ‘ideal candidate’ in mind while hiring, and instead seek people who can add to what is missing from the team and contribute their own personal skills to the community.

“HR practices of the past often sought a ‘cultural fit’—but what we’re looking for is a ‘cultural add’. Hiring for a ‘cultural fit’ results in only recruiting those whose values, interests and ways of working align closely with the employees you already have. While it can build a team that ‘gels’ well, it can lead to bias or discrimination against those who don’t fit the mould.

“Instead, hiring for ‘cultural add’ means recruiting people who have something valuable—often different—to add to your existing culture.”

What roles is ClearBank currently hiring for?

ClearBank has positions available across tech, operations, HR, compliance, and client management in Amsterdam and London. See the roles available here.

Why work at ClearBank?

Adams highlights that ClearBank sees their inclusive and open culture is a great asset to the business, and are committed to making every employee feel included, respected, and cared for.

“Our people are at the centre of everything we do. We encourage a culture of flexibility which allows our employees to achieve their best work whilst also promoting a strong work-life balance. Furthermore, we are committed to fostering an open and inclusive environment where everyone feels able to bring their whole self to work.”

What can ClearBank do for you?

ClearBank offers employees pension, healthcare and holiday allowances, private medical insurance, virtual GP services, discounts through YuLife, and access to 24/7 employee aid and support. The company also provides remote working and hybrid working flexibility to encourage workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance in their offices in London and Bristol, providing them with the opportunity to work anywhere outside of the UK for up to 30 days per annum.

Employees at ClearBank receive 26 weeks of full pay for maternity and adoption leave for mothers and primary caregivers, and six weeks of paternity leave and adoption leave for secondary caregivers. The company also provides up to 12 weeks of full pay for parents whose infants require neonatal support and leave for fertility treatment.

Additionally, the company hosts both online and in-person companywide social events and offers employees perks such as discounts from retailers and restaurants.

What are the success stories of employees that have risen through ClearBank’s ranks?

Adams tells us about her journey working at Clearbank:

“Internal mobility and clear career progression are central to working life at ClearBank. It’s why many of our employees, including me, have worked for the business since its humble beginnings in a basement in East London!

“Leaving my job at Barclays for a start-up in 2018 was certainly a risk, but one that has proven to be more than worth it. When I joined ClearBank, I was tasked with building out our technology team, and today, I’m the head of HR, managing my own team of 30 for a business that employs over 600 people, with two UK offices today and plans for international growth.”

She furthers that 15% of ClearBank employees were promoted or transitioned to different roles for their career growth, and that eight workers were brought to their senior leadership team making 38% of the leadership team internal promotions.

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