Syntegra offers free trial of anti-spam service

Syntegra offers free trial of anti-spam service

Syntegra, the systems integration subsidiary of BT, is offering financial services firms in the UK a free 30-day trial of its anti-spam service.

The managed subscription service will be available to companies with over 2000 e-mail users to help combat the growing problem of spam. Filtering systems are used at the mail server to detect and prevent spam as well as automatically check incoming e-mail for viruses.

The trial will be based on a single company domain name and firms will receive Web-based reports detailing the messaging profile of the pilot domain. At the end of the trial period, companies will have the option of subscribing to the service or purchasing a customised system outright.

Syntegra cites recent research from the Radicati Group and says 50% of e-mail traffic is spam, costing global businesses over £12.5 billion in 2003 alone. This figure is expected to grow to 70% - equivalent to a £120 billion - by 2007.

Mike Noy, marketing manager, financial services, Syntegra, claims that many anti-spam products available on the market actually filter out legitimate e-mail.

"With a false positive rate of just 0.0001 per cent, Syntegra's boundary protection offering blocks the rapid growth in junk email, helping firms protect their mission-critical networks, without blocking legitimate correspondence," says Noy.

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