IPC and Syntegra talk up virtual trading floor

IPC and Syntegra talk up virtual trading floor

IPC Information Systems and chief dealerboard rival Syntegra are going head to head at the SIA technology conference in New York with debut demonstrations of technology designed to hurry the advance of the virtual trading floor.

Syntegra is showcasing its trading room applications alongside parent BT's own Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. At the event, BT and Syntegra will be running a live demonstration showing remote turrets in New York connected via BT's Global MPLS network to a voice trading platform in London.

Using MPLS in this way, says the vendor, sales staff can be located close to customers, sharing the trading activity between two sites - ensuring they are part of the virtual team. Similarly, the technology can be used to deploy remote turrets for key trading staff at home to address extended trading hours, or for contingency purposes.

The use of IP-based hoots, line sharing and virtual private wires will also be demonstrated by Syntegra at SIA.

Elsewhere at the show, IPC Information Systems will demonstrate a trading desktop to trading desktop Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This new capability has the potential to reduce expenditures associated with private lines and change requests, says the vendor. It also enables more robust business continuity planning because trading systems embedded with SIP can be deployed at a moment's notice at any point on the corporate local or wide-area network.

IPC will also be showcasing the application of Avistar's video trading system integrated with its own Alliance MX switching platform, providing simultaneous access to voice and video calls from a single interface.

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