SunGard adds 4.4 specification to FIX Engine

SunGard adds 4.4 specification to FIX Engine

SunGard Business Integration is launching a new version of the SunGard FIX Engine which includes support for FIX 4.4 protocol and fixed income trading.

The Java-based solution can be used as a stand-alone application or as an adapter to SunGard's Mint Knowledge Broker system and is designed to helps firm manage large order flows more efficiently and reduce operational risk.

The new release allows for real-time execution and settlement via version 4.4 of the FIX protocol, which includes support for fixed income. The system provides connectivity via various networks including SwiftNet and is also FIXML-enabled for interoperability with diverse systems and platforms. In addition, the solution includes full online configuration including automatic scheduling of beginning or end of day.

Janet Lewis, managing director of SunGard Business Integration in the US, says: "We have seen increasing interest in FIX from both high-end organisations and from the small- and medium-sized players, covering all instrument types, including equities, fixed income, and derivatives."

The FIX Engine 5.0 was launched at the SIA Technology Management Conference in New York.

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