Deutsche upgrades BrokerMerit using .NET technology

Deutsche upgrades BrokerMerit using .NET technology

Deutsche Asset Management has gone live with a new version of its BrokerMerit research application based on the .NET platform.

BrokerMerit is used by asset managers to capture and evaluate the quality of research and other services provided by institutional brokers over the Internet.

This new BrokerMerit application was developed by KPMG Consulting using Web development and deployment technology from CoKinetic Systems and advance copies of Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET.

Compared to the previous COM-based versions of the BrokerMerit application server, a ten-fold increase in application performance was experienced, along with a leap in programmer productivity, say the companies.

Gunner Burkhart, managing director and global head of trading and broker relationship management at DeAM, says: "We're very pleased by the obvious improvement in BrokerMerit's performance. Using the CoKinetic Player, we're deploying real Windows interfaces over the Internet. That's a great help in keeping the application simple and familiar. Now with the .NET platform powering those applications, we'll be able to deploy them to many thousands of people around the world."

Kris Stevens, CoKinetic's chief technology officer, comments: ".NET's excellent support of XML and leading edge object model make it an ideal platform to support CoKinetic's XML based technologies. Our engineers are completing their projects much more rapidly using the .NET framework."

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