HSBC launches interactive ad campaign

HSBC launches interactive ad campaign

HSBC has become the first bank in the UK time zone to introduce dynamic expandable banners into its global advertising campaign.

The new ads, which go live this week, are directed at expatriates around the world, from Hong Kong to the Middle East, including the UK.

Based on mini-case histories to illustrate product and service benefits to three different market segments, the ads include animation, rotation and sound. They are geared to data capture and include clear calls to action with buttons inviting clients to 'call me' and 'apply now'.

Richard Evans, e-channel marketing manager, says: "This is a hugely interactive ad medium providing tailored information to suit our clients' differing circumstances. It is spot on for banking where there is so much information to wade through and we need fast ways to guide people through the financial maze."

The £100,000 advertising campaign, created by Networx Electronic Publishing using Enliven technology, will run from mid-February to the end of March 2002.

The ads will appear on 25 personal finance e-media, including,,,,, and Additional Web sites will include expatriate resources.

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