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Revolut raises monthly fees for premium customers

Revolut raises monthly fees for premium customers

Revolut is increasing the pricing of its premium plans under an overhaul that will see addditional benefits baked in for subscribing customers.

Revolut’s portfolio includes five plans - a free 'Standard' plan with features and services for a day-to-day account, and four paid plans - Plus, Premium, Metal and Ultra.

Starting this week, Revolut Plus, Premium and Metal customers in the UK will receive an email notifying them of changes to the price of their plan. Customers will pay £3.99 per month (from £2.99 monthly) for Plus, £7.99 per month (previous price £6.99) for Premium, or a £2 upgrade to £14.99 per month for Metal. Existing customers who are on a monthly billing can lock in their current plan price for a year by switching to annual billing before the date given on their email.

As part of the upgrade, Premium and Metal plans will now include access to subscriptions for a roster of lifestyle apps, including Tinder, Deliveroo, the FT and others. Already available to Ultra customers, Revolut’s top-end membership, the partnerships across the board could entail total savings of up to £1,730 per annum, depending on the subscriptions adopted.

Other perks already enjoyed by subscribing customerrs include the likes of global travel insurance, discounts for international money transfers and higher limits for fee-dree ATM withdrawals.

Tara Massoudi, Revolut general manager of Premium Products, comments: " We’re launching a unique offering, which will bring together a carefully selected bundle of lifestyle subscription services included with your Revolut Plan. One account that unlocks subscriptions bringing customers more value and convenience. As part of enhancing our paid plans, additional exciting benefits will come to Ultra customers in due course, too.”

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Robin Setty
Robin Setty - ACI Worldwide (EMEA) Limited - Watford 14 November, 2023, 11:301 like 1 like

Is the inclusion of Tinder offered to joint account holders? ;-)

Shlomo Cohen
Shlomo Cohen - PRNS - Jerusalem 15 November, 2023, 08:19Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Forcing customers to "benefit" from subscriptions they might have no use for is called linked sale. It is forbidden by law in France and many other European countries. Revolut should expect a significant percentage of customers to either leave the bank or downgrade their plans (which I will do).