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Plum rolls out 'Naughty Rule' tab for extravagant spenders

Plum rolls out 'Naughty Rule' tab for extravagant spenders

Smart money app Plum has rolled out a 'Naughty Rule' that sets aside extra money for savings if users splash out on guilty pleasures.

Customers using the Naughty Rule tab can elect to set aside between £1 and £10 from their linked cards to assuage their guilt on extravagant or unneccesary spending.

Plum has rolled out the feature for 50 of the most popular retailers regualarly used by customers. Once the Naughty Rule has been fully enabled, Plum will make one extra saving per day when the customer spends at the retailer, either online or in store.

Lia Papageorgiou, product manager at Plum, comments: “McDonald’s is the second most popular retailer for our customers, for example, with an average of 17 transactions per year per customer. If a customer sets their ‘Naughty Rule’ to £10, that could be an extra £170 stashed away. Or, the ‘Naughty Rule’ could even act as a deterrent to spend in the first place. If saving more is your new year’s resolution, Plum’s smart rules will help you keep it!”

The ‘Naughty Rule’ will be available to UK customers initially on Plum’s Ultra subscription plan, costing £4.99 a month.

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