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ABN Amro unveils Tikkie for Business

ABN Amro unveils Tikkie for Business

ABN Amro has rolled out a high-value business version of its P2P consumer app, Tikkie.

With ‘Tikkie Zakelijk’, translated as Tikkie Business, ABN Amro offers companies a dedicated app that companies can use to create and send payment requests to their customers via WhatsApp, text message, email or a QR code and get paid quickly and easily.

While a consumer-to-consumer Tikkie payment is around €30 on average, a business Tikkie averages about €80. The upper limit for businesses has been set at €50,000.

The Tikkie app has already racked up eight million users in the consumer sector. ABN Amro says the business version of the app emerged thanks to the rapid growth in the number of business users of Tikkie, which has already topped 25,000.

“The key advantage of Tikkie Zakelijk compared to other payment methods - like sending invoices - is that payments are made very quickly,” says Moreno Kensmil, Tikkie’s head of marketing. “A whopping 80% of business Tikkies are paid within 24 hours. This is mainly due to the convenience factor: customers do not have to enter invoice details and can pay using a direct link. On top of that, a lot of users have become accustomed to the speed of Tikkie payments after using Tikkie in their private lives.”

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