ABN Amro brings Tikkie P2P payments app to the high street

ABN Amro brings Tikkie P2P payments app to the high street

ABN Amro is looking to bring its popular Tikkie P2P payments app to the high street, trialling a system that lets people skip the checkout line and buy goods simply by scanning them with their phones.

Munch Fit Food in Amsterdam has set up a 'grab & go' shelf in its store where customers can pick up food and drink items that have QR codes on their packaging.

Customers scan the code with their smartphone, using their QR app if they have an Android or directly with their camera if they have an iOS handset.

The payment page of Dutch ecommerce service iDeal pops up on the phone in the familiar Tikkie environment to complete the purchase, with a thankyou GIF signifying that the transaction has been completed. Customers do not even need the Tikkie app to carry out the payment.

Because customers can walk out with their sandwiches and complete payment later, ABN Amro's Lesley Flohil says that the bank and merchant are placing their trust in customers' morality - something that can be tested during the pilot.

ABN Amro is also bringing Tikkie to the festival scene this Christmas. During the Winterparade, tables will have their own QR codes, as will each item on the menu. Customers scan the codes corresponding to their table and their order, and the order is automatically sent to the bar via WhatsApp.

The customer then receives a Tikkie back and when the payment has been made, the order is delivered to the table - eliminating the dreaded bar queue.

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