European Women Payments Network awards nominees announced

European Women Payments Network awards nominees announced

The European Women Payments Network (EWPN), a community for women in fintech, cards, payments, banking and financial services, has revealed the shortlist of nominees for their annual awards.

The EWPN bring women together for industry-focused sessions to learn about issues and trends, network with peers and celebrate women’s achievements across the payments ecosystem.

On 28 November at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, the EWPN will hold an awards ceremony Dinner to recognise individuals making a contribution to the industry and organisations at the forefront in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Further to this, organisations that continue to push for diversity on senior management level
individuals - women and men - making tremendous contributions to the industry will be celebrated. The awards are divided into 3 categories.

Pink Chip Employer Award

This award will recognise one organisation that can demonstrate its support, promotion and embracing of diversity and inclusion and is also the best place for female employees to work. The organisation should meet at least 5 of the following criteria:

  • Have more than 30% female and/or minority background at the executive level
  • Have more than 30% female and/or minority background at the senior mgmt level
  • Have board approved policies for ensuring gender parity on opportunity and reward
  • Have board approved policies and/or programs for promoting diversity, inclusion and/or non-discrimination
  • Demonstrable initiatives, internal or external, involving the entire organisation (especially men), to address issues of diversity and inclusion (equality; opportunity; representation and reward)
  • Demonstrable flexibility with work policies and/or programs, especially for working mothers and returning mothers after maternity leave
  • Has equal or shared maternity/paternity leave
  • Is rated the best place to work by more than 55% of employees
  • Demonstrable support for females though leadership and/or mentoring opportunities/programs
  • Demonstrable support for charities and NGOs supporting female entrepreneurship, gender parity and diversity in the industry and society


  • EBA Clearing
  • FIS Global
  • Flagship Advisory Partners

The Positive Troublemaker Award

The Positive Troublemaker Awards will recognise an individual who has been, and continues to be, very vocal in promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry, especially in areas where women and minority groups are absent or under-represented. The recipients have continuously demonstrated through actions their strong beliefs that diverse organisations are better run, more successful and more innovative than homogenous ones. Recipients should meet at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • A known fintech or payments evangelist, who 'got there' by blazing the trail where there was none before (and continues to blaze the trail today), all the while displaying high integrity, ethical and professional standards
  • An active sponsor, mentor and promoter of gender equality
  • Doesn’t hesitate to loudly advocate, promote and fight for diversity in the industry
  • Has no problem publicly calling out and refusing to participate in 'Manels'
  • Speaks up and is not afraid to point out non-inclusive or poor behaviour
  • Goes the extra mile to create positive environments to encourage innovation, diversity and leadership
  • Known for being a good mentor to fellow women in the industry
  • Responsible for and champions internal and external policies and programs to maximise the contributions and influence of a diverse team in their workforce and/or across the industry


Sarah Grace
Nadia Edwards-Dashti
Tribeni Chogule

Fintech/Payments Leader of the Year

The Fintech/Payments Leader of the Year will recognise one woman, who has demonstrated the most leadership in Fintech/Payments. She has persistently shaped the Fintech/Payments dialogue and supported the Fintech community in Europe. The recipient should meet at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Recognised thought leader and fintech/payments evangelist known for her distinguished leadership and inspiring work in making a positive impact in her company and the financial services industry
  • Demonstrable impact of significant financial, strategic and fintech innovative value to her company, investors, customers and community
  • Demonstrable dedication and commitment to clients and customer service
  • Exceptional skills in managing and partnering with internal and external stakeholders
  • A commitment to personal development and a clear vision of the goals they have for themselves
  • Responsible for and champions internal and external policies and programs to build diverse teams, inspire the next generation, and mentor talent inside and outside her company


Joanne Dewar
Allison Donnelly
Tracy Birdsall

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