NCR ramps up ATM security

NCR ramps up ATM security

NCR Corporation has developed a new Encrypting PIN Pad module to enhance security at its automated teller machines (ATM).

The new module, which combines a new keyboard and encryption module in one secure unit, supports Triple DES, the new standard for encryption. This standard protects the PIN as it is sent to the bank host computer for authentication.

Visa and MasterCard are currently in the process of mandating member banks to move to this more secure encryption standard from the current data encryption standard (DES).

The new system also enables new encryption keys to be uploaded remotely, without bank personnel having to visit ATMs and installing new encryption keys manually. Future proofing, including the architecture to support emerging encryption standards is already built in to the EPP.

Irene Dutch, program director with NCR's financial solutions division, says: "In the past we have supplied the encryptor and keyboard as separate items. However, coupling both features in one module significantly reduces the opportunity for fraud."

The new module can be implemented as a direct keyboard replacement to exising NCR machines.

The solution also features enhanced colored key-tips to assist consumers who are visually impaired.

The technology is being showcased at the BAI Retail Delivery 2001 Conference taking place in California this week.

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