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Revolut adds crypto spending feature to everyday debit cards

Revolut adds crypto spending feature to everyday debit cards

Revolut is adding a crypto spending mode to its debit cards in the UK and Switzerland, enabling customers to switch between crypto and fiat purchases whether online or offline.

The new feature can be activated on any existing card within the Revolut retail app.
Customers wishing to spend their crypto using the Revolut card have to open the Cards section in the retail app and pick one of their existing cards, physical or virtual. Then they need to enter the card’s settings and switch the currency from fiat money to one of the close to 100 tokens supported by Revolut in the app. Once the crypto pocket is linked, a crypto-enabled card will process payments with instantly converted tokens.

Customers can also order a separate card, virtual or physical, to use it only for crypto payments.

Crypto-enabled cards offer a one percent cashback for all purchases, both online and offline, during the promo period, with the reward credited to accounts in the currency used at the point of sale.

Emil Urmanshin, crypto general manager at Revolut, says: “This year we have not only increased the number of cryptocurrencies available in the Revolut app to close to 100 tokens and launched Crypto Learn & Earn education courses enjoyed by millions of our customers. Now, we are making crypto even more mainstream, by empowering people to use crypto-enabled cards to spend their tokens for everyday purchases.”

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