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Revolut taps Cube for global RegTech insights

Revolut taps Cube for global RegTech insights

Revolut has contracted with London-based RegTech Cube to help it keep track of evolving regulations as it rolls out new products and enters new markets globally.

Cube uses atificial intelligence and natural language processing to captures and classifies all regulatory content across 180 countries in 60 languages, which can then be mapped to customers’ enterprise-wide compliance frameworks

For a high growth company like Revolut, which is expnding into multiple new markets simultanously, the platform can help it to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating future regulatory trends and frameworks and achieve risk mitigation in their current operational jurisdictions.

Harry Gill, group head of regulatory compliance at Revolut says, “Revolut’s global horizon scanning and regulatory mapping processes are powered through a seamless API integration with Cube’s RegInsight and RegBook, enabling Revolut to grow at pace whilst keeping up with the ever evolving regulatory landscape."

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