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CommBank rolls out new Point-of-Sale terminals; Square-alike card reader next up

CommBank rolls out new Point-of-Sale terminals; Square-alike card reader next up

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is replacing its suite of Android-based Albert POS terminals with a new 'Smart' platform developed in concert with Verifone.

The Smart terminal takes over from the six-year old Albert brand with a host of modern features designed for the digital age.

Using Smart, businesses will be able to customise their payment experience with an ‘App Marketplace’ featuring tailored apps in sectors such as health, hospitality and not-for-profit. It also includes a number of in built features to split payments, add surcharging, tipping, and email receipts.

In an Australian first, the CBA’s Smart terminal also features dual SIM functionality, plus Wi-Fi, 4G/3G and broadband, to offer improved connectivity, alongside a lite Point-of-Sale inventory system

CBA group executive, business banking, Mike Vacy-Lyle says: “These new payment solutions are designed for the businesses of the future. Using the latest technology and customer feedback, we’re making payment solutions that are more intuitive, customisable and secure.

"The new, smarter features will be particulary useful for hospitality, retail, and healthcare businesses, helping merchants save time with inbuilt surcharging and tipping, and same day settlements to help manage cash flow."

He says that later this year the bank will advance deeper into territory occupied by mPOS firms such as Square and SumUP with the roll out of a card reader for taking chip payments on tablets and mobile phones.

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