Majority of finance staff in favour of hybrid work policy post-pandemic

Majority of finance staff in favour of hybrid work policy post-pandemic

One in four UK financial sector workers favour fully remote working post-pandemic, while a clear majority would prefer to work in the office just two days a week, according to a survey conducted by Accenture.

With many businesses siezing the opportunity to refashion their working environments for a post-Covid recovery, the survey of 1,400 UK financial services employees across banking, capital markets and insurance found that 24% of workers would prefer to work entirely from home once a full return to office is possible.

The vast majority (69%) also said that they would prefer to work just two days a week or less in the office. Less than one in 10 (8%) would favour a return to five days a week in the office.

Laura O’Sullivan, UK & Ireland banking strategy lead, Accenture, says: “As financial services firms develop their future working from home policies, the findings of this research signal loud and clear that the majority of employees at all levels want the pre-pandemic routine to be a thing of the past."

The desire for a more flexible approach to work was clear. Over half (57%) agreed that their workplace and role could not return to pre-Covid 'normal' and more than a third (39%) would forgo compensation if they could work fully remotely.

On the whole, employees felt that working from home had been a positive experience. Over half (57%) said they had been more productive working at home and 71% agreed that losing their daily commute had given them more free time.

The findings do not paint a universally positive picture, though. One in four (27%) felt that additional pressure from Cocid-19 had not been taken into consideration by their employer, while the same proportion (26%) felt disconnected or forgotten by their company.

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