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Quant trader turns to reddit for sentiment forecaster

Quant trader turns to reddit for sentiment forecaster

New York-based quantitative hedge fund Cindicator Capital is advertising for an active member of the wallstreetbets subreddit community to join the firm as a sentiment trader with a £200,000 pay packet on offer.

The wallstreetbets forum on Reddit shook financial markets to the core late in January with a push to buy up stocks shorted by some of Wall Street's biggest hedge funds. The reddit-led price rally inflicted billions of dollars of damage on hedge funds that were shorting the stock of loss-making video games retailer GameStop.

Cindicator Capital is looking to get ahead of the game by plucking someone with memes and Reddit experience to report back on the febrile mood of the community.

"With a combination of our qualitative approach to measuring market moods and your ‘street-smarts’, you’ll actively manage our internal multi-million corporate treasury," states the ad. "Then you’ll turn the resulting insights into new features, products, and trading strategies for clients."

Applicants must be an active member of r/wallstreetbets with an account age of >365 days and karma of over 1000 with a "refined taste for memes and free from any mainstream financial brainwash".

The successful candidate will spend most of their time on reddit, Discord chats, and Twitter to feel the pulse of the tens of millions of retail traders. They will also be free to open six-figure OTM options trades with the firm's own capital.

Most importantly of all they will be expected to "try your best to prevent our risk management from having a heart attack".

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