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Exberry and Digital Asset to launch token-based exchange-trading infrastructure

Exberry and Digital Asset to launch token-based exchange-trading infrastructure

Exchange technology outfit Exberry has formed a partnership with Digital Asset to provide businesses with a ready-to-go, end-to-end infrastructure for the trading of virtual assets.

The project combines Exberry's matching engine with Digital Assets' smart contract language DAML to fuel the registry functions. The two firms say the combination provides any business developing a digital asset marketplace with the ability to launch in a matter of days with a fully-compliant trading platform and a near risk-free post trade settlement registry.

Registry functions include the tokenization of assets, creation of users, and the settlement of trades in near real time.

The cloud-deployed exchange infrastructure addresses limitations of current exchange technologies that typically lean heavily on message-based connectivity, says Magnus Almqvist, head of exchange development at Exberry.

"We will provide businesses with the flexibility to issue, trade, and settle any type of asset and asset pair, coupled with the added security to audit your exchange’s transactions with complete ledger immutability through the DABL interface," he says. "This is a one of a kind approach that allows clients to scale with ease from micro markets to large global installations and connect to a growing ecosystem of 3rd party APIs and services.”

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