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HSBC rolls out Apple Business Chat service

HSBC rolls out Apple Business Chat service

HSBC UK and its first direct subsidiary have introduced a feature that lets customers contact them via the Messages app on Apple devices.

HSBC says it has seen a 50% increase in the use of its existing digital chat support services during the Covid-9 lockdown, as well as a 40% jump in call centre demand.

The bank is now taking advantage of the Apple Business Chat service to give Apple-owning customers another way to ask questions. Most questions will be answered by a chatbot, but where customers require more complex answers, there will be a customer service agent on hand to respond.

HSBC stresses that it will not use the Messages app to contact customers proactively and will never ask for personal or sensitive information.

Kerri-Anne Mills, head, contact centre and customer service, HSBC UK, says: “More people are turning to digital channels to manage their everyday banking needs without needing to leave their home.

"Apple Business Chat is a key addition to HSBC UK’s existing mobile and online chat services, and will help us to ensure our customers have access to a trusted source of information, in their pocket, when they need it."

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