Datakey smart card package is Identrus-compliant

Datakey smart card package is Identrus-compliant

Minneapolis-based Datakey Inc. has won approval from Identrus for its CIP ISign smart card and signing interface software solution.

CIP ISign provides an Identrus-compliant smart card and software solution for client workstations. The package includes Datakey's Model 330i smart card, its Identrus system signing interface (Datakey ISign) and Datakey CIP client software.

Wells Fargo sponsored Datakey during its compliance testing and currently is piloting CIP ISign within its own Identrus infrastructure.

Kari Hovland, senior vice-president of Wells Fargo's wholesale Internet solutions group, says: "Datakey's smart card solution gives us a secure and proven way to digitally sign and execute Identrus-based transactions."

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