Identrus-compliant products to carry logo

Identrus-compliant products to carry logo

Bank-backed PKI scheme Identrus has announced "Identrus Ready" and "Identrus Compliant" programmes to help financial institutions more easily find products for their business-to-business e-commerce initiatives. More than 100 companies have signed up to participate in the programmes.

Under these two programmes, vendors with a certified product earn the right to use special Identrus Compliant or Identrus Ready logos that distinguish the product and signify it works seamlessly in the Identrus system. Such products will also be listed on the Identrus Web site.

Identrus Ready certification, for a wide range of business-to-business applications, means e-commerce applications recognise Identrus Global IDs, accept Identrus digital signatures, and automatically verify whether Identrus Global IDs are valid. Products lined up for Ready certification include e-marketplace platforms, Web servers, operating systems, document management systems, middleware, procurement packages, billing software and B2B integration software.

The Identrus Compliant certification means security infrastructure components successfully interoperate in the Identrus system. These products will be used by banks to build their Identrus production public key infrastructure (PKI) systems. Such products include certificate authorities, hardware security modules, online certificate status protocol (OCSP) responders, smart card subsystems, digital signature messaging software (DSMS) and transaction co-ordinators.

Guy Tallent, Identrus president and CEO, comments: "Certification will help technology vendors prove their Identrus infrastructure components and application software have been tested in an Identrus production environment and will interoperate with any Identrus Global ID in the world. We've taken great pains to ensure that Identrus Compliant and Identrus Ready products possess the same deep level of trust that our Identrus Global IDs do."

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