Eckoh brings Apple Pay to voice calls

Eckoh brings Apple Pay to voice calls

Eckoh and WorldPay have carried out what they claim is the world's first Apple Pay payment via a phone voice call.

Apple Pay lets users carry out in-store, in-app and web payments with their mobile phones. Eckoh claims that by expanding the service to voice calls it can bring its ease of use and security to areas such as contact centre transactions.

The service - currently a proof-of-concept - means that when a customer is on the phone to a call centre worker, a message is sent to their device linking to their Apple Pay app and they are asked to confirm payment, with an alert sent to the staffer.

With card-not-present fraud on the rise, Eckoh says that authorising payments via Apple Pay is more secure than a traditional telephone transaction. The card is tokenised by the Apple system and the device-based fingerprint authentication is brought into play.

Because a customer’s credit or debit card data is never shared with the contact centre, PCI DSS requirements are taken away, ensuring the best levels of payment security and PCI DSS de-scoping.

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