FlexTrade brings a touch of augmented reality to the trading floor

FlexTrade brings a touch of augmented reality to the trading floor

Order management vendor FlexTrade is planning to use Microsoft HoloLens to provide traders with a three-dimensional view of their dealing strategies and new ways of interacting with third party data feeds.

The augmented reality application, dubbed FlexAR, sits atop the firm's FlexTrader EMS system to offer traders an interactive order blotter, trade ticket and charting, all presented in a virtual space.

Andy Mahoney, business development director of FlexTrade UK in London says the technology enables traders to see and interact with the markets in a completely unique manner.

“We initially experimented with virtual reality trading, but the feedback was that the fully immersive headsets were too overwhelming, shutting off real-world events," he says. "With the advent of the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset, we found a good middle-ground, bringing virtual trading into the real world.”

Future releases of FlexAR will introduce interactive alerting alongside the FlexTrader blotter, three-dimensional basket visualisation, and the ability to present data from third parties says Mahoney.

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