Ingenico gamifies the checkout

Ingenico gamifies the checkout

Ingenico is bringing scratch cards, slot machines and wheels of fortune to online checkout screens and instore eftpos in an effort to improve conversion rates for merchants.

Ingenico has partnered with Belgian startup Luckycycle for the Gamified Checkout, which gives shoppers a one-in-ten or one-in-five chance to win their basket for free. The application can be applied across individual products, categories or an entire range. Shoppers are notified instantly and have the option to share their good fortune on social media.

Tests by Luckycycle show that merchants can increase the volume and value of transactions and boost conversion by up to 15% when applying the technqiue.

Ludovic Houri, VP, products at Ingenico ePayments, says: “Gamification is one trend that we have found can add excitement and value to an otherwise very functional process, and this helps both merchants and consumers get what they want.”

UK digital lender Oakham is another turning to gamification, with the introduction of a new in-app rewards feature that nudges consumers towards positive credit habits. Customers earn points when making repayments via the app or referring friends, redeemable for loan repayments, cash-back, store vouchers, lower rates on future loans, or to socially vouch for friends in the loan application process.

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