BB&T turns to gamification for employee leadership training

BB&T turns to gamification for employee leadership training

US financial institution BB&T has developed a mobile gaming app designed to teach players valuable leadership skills.

The free game, developed for BB&T by Austin, Texas-based Chaotic Moon, catapults the player into the journey of a fledgling settler who aspires to become the new ruler of a Gothic-themed medieval province.

With help from the king, players can rise to a position of leadership and influence, depending on the choices they make and interactions with other game characters. The game includes 25 main story quests with 10 mini-games.

"We believe leadership is a learned skill, and that's why everyone can become a good leader," says BB&T Chairman and CEO Kelly King. "We hope this game can help unlock the next generation of leaders and make a positive, meaningful difference in the lives of as many people as possible."

The bank intends to use the game as part of its employee training programme. It is also available to third party participants via Apple's iTunes App Store and Google Play

"Players want new gaming experiences beyond run, jump, and shoot," says David Ballard, games creative lead at Chaotic Moon Studios. "We are delighted BB&T has given us an opportunity to be involved with the production of a title designed to teach valuable leadership skills, aimed at future leaders in the workplace."

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