NAB gamifies product development testing with BugWolf

NAB gamifies product development testing with BugWolf

NAB has partnered with Melbourne-based technology start-up Bugwolf in a new way of testing out projects in the development phase, while deepening its ties to the local start-up scene.

Bugwolf is a web-based service that uses gamification to test a company’s website, apps and online products for service errors or bugs before launch.

NAB chief information officer, David Boyle says partnering with Bugwolf has helped NAB to forge deeper relationships with the start-up community while providing support and guidance to Bugwolf founder Ash Conway.

“NAB is one of the country’s largest technology employers, so it’s important we support and foster the local industry,” he says. “There is a growing local technology scene and many great ideas are being developed on home soil. We have provided Bugwolf with new contacts and industry knowledge, while continuing to work on improving our products in the process.”

Bugwolf’s gamification process involves releasing digital services or products to a group of technology experts in the form of a game. These testers work to try and find service improvements, being rewarded for each ‘bug’ they find. Rewards can range from peer recognition to cash incentives.

Boyle says NAB has worked with Bugwolf to develop new ways of improving the customer experience. “Bugwolf has given us an exciting alternative in testing our services, complementing our agenda to provide the best possible products for our customers.”

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