Let the games begin: Misys injects some fun into core banking

Let the games begin: Misys injects some fun into core banking

Core banking vendor Misys is embedding a gamification engine from Australia's Moroku directly into its FusionBanking Essence Digital platform, providing banks with a means to inject some fun into personal financial management (PFM) and help consumers achieve their savings goals.

With research suggesting that consumers spend more than one billion hours a month playing mobile games, the case for gamification in helping banks to attract, engage and retain customers is compelling, says Simon Paris, president at Misys.

“Digitalisation has completely changed the way that people interact and we believe the next generation will be more incentivised through gamification,” he says. “Supporting better financial management and education in banking is a powerful tool that moves consumer experience beyond the transactional and opens the door to bring people of all age groups into the savings fold.”

Under the tie-up with Moroku, FusionBanking Essence Digital brings points, leaderboards and rewards to standard banking activity, to educate and also support savings and spend management.

Moroku, which already counts ASB and DSK Bank as customers, is set to conclude a fresh financing round in the near future. The company views the deal with Misys as a significant distribution opportunity, tapping into a global customer base for its GameSystem application.

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Colin Weir
Colin Weir - Moroku - Sydney 08 March, 2017, 11:01Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Moroku believes this is a big deal for 4 reasons: 

1/ Banks are looking for new ways to compete in an increasingly homogenised world that otherwise competes on price. Focusing on the customer is certainly one way.

2/ Moroku gets access to distribution which, as the Australian newspaper points out, reduces its need to build a global sales force in order to get scale

3/ Misys gets access to innovation and demonstrates that it can consume web services and package them up as an integrated offering to its client base

4/ It shows that this whole Fintech malarkey is not just about banks and startups but rightly includes the entire ecosystem


Quote rightly - Let the games begin!