Lloyds seeks head of fintech discovery

Lloyds seeks head of fintech discovery

Lloyds Banking Group is on the hunt for a head of "fintech discovery" to help lead its £1 billion, three year digital transformation programme.

Lloyds claims to be the UK's leading digital bank, with over 11 million online customers. Like its rivals, it is doubling down on the migration to mobile and looking to harness the power of fintech, while seeing off upstart rivals, through a massive spending spree.

As part of this, the bank has posted an ad online for a head of fintech discovery, who will join its innovation labs, focussing on initiatives to "drive opportunities for innovation and fintech".

The new person will work on "increasing awareness" of fintech within the bank and externally and be responsible for "strategically analysing new business models, emerging technical trends, and will be supporting on product-focused, process-driven and service-led innovations.

"From this analysis, you will spot patterns of potential partnerships and investments and will work with other divisions to develop strategies that will either accelerate existing organisational strategies, or identity new strategic opportunities."

Anyone interested in the £100,000 a year job will need a proven track record in a large bank, IT programme delivery experience and solid relationships with the London fintech scene. Applications are welcome until 7 October.

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