Lloyds runs Digital Expert Days for marketing staff

Lloyds runs Digital Expert Days for marketing staff

Lloyds Banking Group is looking to raise the bar in its digital marketing expertise by running a series of roadshows for over 300 staff located in Bristol, Edinburgh, Halifax and London.

Through immersive learning exercises, case studies and guest speakers from Google and specialist agencies, the sessions were geared to provide marketing staff with a "deeper understanding of how to meet the needs of customers who no longer ‘go online’, they live online in an increasingly digitally-connected world," says the bank.

Lloyds recently announced a collaboration with Google on a project to dig deeper into its data sets and unlock hidden trends in customer behaviour.

Shailen Joshi, head of digital marketing communications, says of the roadshow exercise: "It’s important that every person that attends get something out of the day. Whether it is practical skills they can implement as part of their day job tomorrow or a greater understanding of the digital journey the Group is on."

This may come from building a richer understanding of LBG’s data, tools and insights, she says, and from providing insights on how to optimise campaign activity in-flight.

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