Diebold cracks Icelandic ATM market

Diebold cracks Icelandic ATM market

An ATM application developed using Diebold's Agilis Power tool kit has been installed across NCR units operated by Icelandic banks Landsbanki, Kauphthing Bank, Islandsbanki and the Savings Bank Datacenter, giving the US-based vendor its first crack at the market.

Diebold says Hugur, a software firm that develops ATM systems in Iceland, has used its Agilis Power tool kit to develop a custom ATM application that will run on 250 NCR terminals across the country.

The tool kit is part of Diebold's Agilis ATM platform - an open system that allows multiple vendors' terminals and technologies to co-exist. The system enables engineers to develop custom applications that can run across multi-vendor ATM networks.

Hans Hendriks, territory manager, Diebold Netherlands and Nordics, says: "A professional software developer can use Agilis Power to build an application with the assurance that it will be hardware independent and EMV compliant."

Previously all ATM units and software were supplied to the banks by NCR. Agilis Power is the first Diebold ATM product to be used in Iceland.

Diebold says it will team with Hugur to provide joint resources for other ATM development assignments across Europe.

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