Diebold wins $25 million ICBC cash machine order

Diebold wins $25 million ICBC cash machine order

Diebold has inked a $25 million contract with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for the supply of 1,100 Opteva self-service terminals.

The deal, which also calls for the provision of 100 Bulk Cash Recycling Machines (BCRMs), is the largest order for Diebold's Opteva ATMs in China.

Over the past several years, ICBC has sought to expand its ATM network to transfer more traditional banking services to the self-service environment. In November 2003, the bank placed an order with Diebold for the supply of 1000 cash machines that were to be rolled out to branches in major cities.

The Opteva machines feature Diebold's Agilis Power software components which can be used to develop custom applications. The bank is also exploring the provision of smart cards.

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