Postbank selects Siebel to unify customer databases

Postbank selects Siebel to unify customer databases

Postbank of the Netherlands is to use Siebel Systems eFinance application to develop a unified multi-channel customer information management system.

The new system will replace the bank's disparate product-related customer databases with a single repository of customer information across all channels and accounts.

Postbank sales and service professionals have so far relied on frequent telephone and email contact with one another to fulfill customer requests. As a result, customers might have to wait for a response to an inquiry, despite the availability of the Web and other channels of communication with the bank, says Gerrit Dekker, vice president of telephone banking and CRM, Postbank. Meanwhile, bank marketing staff have undertaken meticulous cross-referencing of records in various systems, to confirm all of the services each customer uses, and then develop promotions and track their effectiveness.

"Postbank is renowned for banking transaction innovations, and we sought to bring multichannel flexibility to customers' interactions, as well as a better understanding of customers' needs and preferences for new products and services," says Dekker. "Siebel Systems' e-business applications will make it possible for any and every customer-facing Postbank professional to provide fast, knowledgeable assistance, regardless of how a customer contacts us.

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