Banque Worms selects Siebel for CRM

Banque Worms selects Siebel for CRM

Axa Group's French subsidiary Banque Worms has selected Siebel Systems' eFinance application to create a single, comprehensive customer information management system.

By standardising on the eFinance solution, the bank aims to create a unified, multichannel customer information management system that will enable sales and marketing teams to capture customer interactions and work seamlessly across multiple channels - whether by phone, fax, Web, or over the counter.

Sales professionals will use the system to share vital customer data, and collaborate on customer campaigns. Marketing representatives will be able to gain insight into customer preferences and target promotions accurately, claims Siebel, as well as monitor results and adjust campaigns to improve response rates.

Frederic de Pelleport, assistant general manager of Banque Worms believes the introduction of the system will significantly boost the effectiveness of the bank's cross-selling capabilities: "We anticipate that our implementation will not only improve our response to customers' needs, but also increase our productivity - so significantly that we expect to recoup our investment in just 30 months."

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