NCR wins new $17m CCB deal; lands Euronet ATM services contract

NCR wins new $17m CCB deal; lands Euronet ATM services contract

China Construction Bank (CCB) has signed a new contract with NCR, worth $17 million, for the supply of ATM hardware and software.

NCR secured more than $28 million worth of ATM business from CCB last year.

Under the new deal, the vendor will deploy its Personas 77, Personas 84 and Personas 86 ATMs - which are manufactured at NCR's factory in Beijing - across CCB's branches in China by the end of this year.

The bank has also licensed NCR's encrypting pin pad (EPP)module which supports both Triple Des and global ISO standards. CK Chan, general manager of NCR's financial solutions division in China and Hong Kong, says: "The EPP, certified to be fully compliant with international security industry standards mandated by MasterCard and Visa, enables CCB to effectively service international bank card users."

Separately, NCR has signed a multi-year contract with Euronet Worldwide to provide hardware maintenance and support services for 1500 ATMs situated in Poland, Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic and Egypt. The ATMs represent over 80% of Euronet Worldwide's installed base in Europe.

The contract covers support and maintenance services for Euronet's 625 Diebold ATMs as well as NCR units.

Daniel Henry, chief operating officer, Euronet Worldwide, says: "Our goal was to find a maintenance partner who could enhance the performance and availability of our self-service channel while achieving a reduction in maintenance costs."

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