NSGB Egypt chooses NCR and CR2 for cash deposit initiative

NSGB Egypt chooses NCR and CR2 for cash deposit initiative

National Société Générale Bank (NSGB) Egypt is rolling out NCR's Personas cash machines running software from Dublin-based CR2 in order to enable its customers to make cash deposits at ATMs.

NSGB will install NCR's Personas 73 ATMs - which provide around-the-clock automated cash depositing facilities, including bunch-note acceptance - and Personas 86 units which are regular cash machines but with added automated cash deposit and dual dispensing capabilities.

The new system will replace an envelope-based service and allow customers to pre-select the account they want credited. The system will credit any cash deposited to accounts immediately and will issue a receipt.

Costas Koudounias, self service marketing manager for NCR MEA, says there has been a significant increase in uptake in the Middle East region for deposit-taking ATMs by financial institutions.

"We launched the intelligent deposit technology three years ago starting out from the Middle East and by now, more than a dozen countries in the region have certified and deployed our products."

Additionally, NSGB Egypt is upgrading to CR2's BankWorld Client and BankWorld Distributor browser-based ATM applications. The bank was previously running the vendor's Sparrow and Hawk ATM software.

CR2 says the move will allow NSGB to provide a consistent service across banking channels.

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