Juniper Bank launches Aether wireless services

Juniper Bank launches Aether wireless services

Wireless data products and services provider, Aether Systems, Inc. has enabled wireless services for Juniper Bank, a national online consumer financial services company. Using Aether’s technology, Juniper customers can now use Web enabled phones to access account balances, move money between accounts, pay bills, and communicate with customer service.

John Shepley, Vice President of Financial Services, Aether Systems, says the bank recognised the advantages of offering a reliable and secure wireless solution that would allow customers to access their account information and execute banking transactions anytime, and from anywhere, simply by using their wireless phones.

Juniper’s wireless transactions are routed from the user’s handheld device through Aether’s network operations center, and then forwarded to the bank through an encrypted connection, providing seamless, end-to-end security for all transactions, explains the company.

Juniper customers can execute transactions through a variety of Web-enabled phones offered by Nextel, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, the company says. Aether is also currently developing wireless applications for Juniper to be used on RIM wireless handhelds and other personal digital assistants.

Scott Bertetti, a director at Juniper Financial, says: "Juniper’s robust wireless capabilities allow our customers to achieve greater flexibility and control over managing their finances, and give them the freedom and convenience to execute transactions even when they are away from their computers."

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