Diebold showcases wireless ATM technology

Diebold showcases wireless ATM technology

Diebold is demonstrating a raft of new wireless solutions for two-way communication between consumer handheld devices and cash machines.

The technology is being showcased at the Bank Administration Institute Retail Delivery conference in New Orleans. In the first demo, the company is highlighting an infrared interface between a Windows CE-based palm device and an ATM loaded with Diebold's OPTinet terminal software. Once the IR link is secured, an Internet transaction screen is displayed, and can be stored, on the mobile equipment, explains the company.

The technology is being demonstrated on Watson, an ATM-like self-service kiosk which employs biometric technology to recognise customers by way of physical characteristics, eliminating the need for an activator card and personal identification number (PIN), the company says.

Diebold is also demonstrating a wireless PDA/ATM link for dispensing and printing of paper or electronic receipts. Using this technology, consumers will be able to send and receive banking data over a secure ATM network without using costly airtime, claims the company.

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