Ulster Bank runs hackathon to find 'annoying' applications

Ulster Bank runs hackathon to find 'annoying' applications

Ulster Bank is to run two three-day hackathons in Dublin and Belfast in collaboration with Open Bank Project parent Tesobe.

The hackathons will bring together programmers, designers and members of the financial services industry to debate, design, code and pitch ideas on themes related to a set of prescribed challenges.

These include the use of gamification techniques, new hardware platforms and software applications that can improve customer service levels and help the bank engage with underserved or disadvantaged segments.

In common with the trend for disruptive banking ideas, a special category has also been earmarked for innovations that would 'most annoy Ulster Bank'.

Developers won’t have access to real customer data but will instead use the Open Bank Project API ‘sandbox’ to simulate access to customer data and banking services as well as other API’s and data sets.

The Open Bank Project from Berlin-based Tesobe is an open source API and management platform designed to enable banks and third-party developers to quickly and cheaply deliver tailored applications and services to customers.

Applications for the 'Hack/(Make!) The Bank events are open until the morning of 30 January, when the three-day programme in Dublin kicks off. The Belfast hackathon takes place on the weekend of 13-15 February.

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