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Derek Garriock

Navigating the best path through the fire hose of data

We’re all living in a data-rich world with a non-stop fire hose of personal information. The challenge faced now relates to the accurate and critical analysis of the constant flow of data we’re presen...

17 Dec 2015
A Finextra Member

The top 3 predictions for crowdfinance in 2016

To nobody’s surprise the exciting predictions for the world of crowdfunding in 2015 were not entirely wrong. In fact, most of them were entirely right. So have an early Christmas present, wonderful fo...

17 Dec 2015
Said Tabet

Tackling Regulation and Ensuring Financial Services Organisations are Compliant

2016 is set to be another milestone year in financial services. New challengers in and beyond the sector are launching disruptive innovations that are threating the traditional players in the market i...

17 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

20 Security Tips For Overseas Travelers With Credit Cards

Thinking of bringing a credit card with you on your travels? You can end up in a jam: You just treated your extended family to fine dining in France. Time to pay; your credit card is declined. If you ...

16 Dec 2015
Paul Hampton

How banks should approach security in 2016

Over the past few years, data breaches have increased in frequency and size, making the need to protect sensitive information a top priority for businesses worldwide. According to recent reports, ther...

16 Dec 2015
Henner Brüner

T2S: Commercial advantages for Treasurers and Collateral Managers

Don't drown in the waves of T2S implementation. Surf them in pursuit of lasting competitive advantages, delivered through effective liquidity and collateral management. T2S-related preparation and imp...

15 Dec 2015
A Finextra Member

MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 6

By recommending that the European Commission should adopt Technical Standards that mandate the use of only ISINs for MiFIR regulatory reporting, ESMA has in practice reinforced the sole-supplier statu...

14 Dec 2015
Ivy Schmerken

Buy Side Backs BlockTrading Venues

Buy side firms have shown signs of impatience with U.S. equity market structure. While they are leery of radical reforms, institutions have seeded a number of trading venues lately. The topic of buy s...

14 Dec 2015
Daniel Szmukler

PSD2: Increasing customer relevance in the digital era

2016 will be another decisive year for the payments industry, as it should become clearer how the provisions on access to Payment Initiation and Account Information services (XS2A) as part of the revi...

14 Dec 2015
A Finextra Member

Top tips for driving revenue with omni-channel payments

Over the last few years, the retail industry has evolved to cater to new shopping habits and consumer trends – particularly in the light of new NFC technologies such as Apple Pay. This has pushed me

14 Dec 2015
Travers Clarke-Walker

A bridge to innovation

Currently there is an explosion of activity in the financial technology (FinTech) sector in the UK. Political attention is turning to the issue with David Cameron recently backing the Innovate Financ...

14 Dec 2015
Nanda Kumar

Downsizing: A Blessing in Disguise?

The catastrophic global recession of 2008 sent ripples through the banking sector. Many banks struggled to cope with massive losses suffered because of debt they accrued through somewhat risky investm...

14 Dec 2015