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Amit Dua

Making Social Count

The banking sector's approach to social media thus far can broadly be described as 'willing but watchful'. That's understandable, considering the compliance risks of committing to a medium where regul...

23 Jan 2014
Amit Dua

From Mobile Also to Mobile First

Mobile hardware sales and shipment statistics are arguments that have now become peripheral to the case for mobile banking. So let's hone the focus a little bit. Around 590 million customers banked on...

17 Jan 2014
Amit Dua

Managing costs through enterprise-class components

In 2011, global banking ROE dropped to 7.6%, significantly below the average cost of equity. Industry profitability is currently hovering at around 8%, down from the pre-crisis levels of 14-15%. Reve...

12 Sep 2013
Amit Dua

A Banking Product Made to Order

A “segment of one” strategy won’t work unless it is backed by a superior customer proposition, one that’s built on deep customer understanding, superior products and services and effective communicati...

18 Jun 2012
Amit Dua

An irresistible segment of one offer!

Amidst all the hype surrounding the digital consumer and the phenomenon that is Generation Y, it is easy to lose sight of who your customers really are. This is something that banks must beware of. F...

13 Jun 2012
Amit Dua

The full circle from personalization to standardization

You can build your own Mustang on the Ford website. From top to bottom. I wonder what Henry Ford, the man who gave us the assembly line would say to that. Remember his legendary words: "Any custo...

07 May 2012
Amit Dua

Bring Old World Intimacy to New Age Banking

My earliest impression of banking was shaped by a branch manager in a venerable State-owned Bank that my family had favored for generations. I don’t know how he did it, but he knew almost every custom...

03 May 2012

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