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Gaurav Handa

A New Look at Liquidity Risk: Best Practices Part 2

Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo recently defended the importance of stress tests and regular capital review exercises in ensuring the safety and soundness of the U.S. financial system. In a sp...

24 Apr 2012
Gaurav Handa

A New Look at Liquidity Risk: Best Practices Part 1

The financial services industry stands on the threshold of a new era for liquidity risk. As seen in recent weeks, the reality of the new financial landscape – currently fueled by lingering debt issue...

22 Mar 2012
Gaurav Handa

Setting the FS Growth Agenda: World Population hits 7B

Efforts to rebuild and recapitalize the industry post the financial crisis notwithstanding, banks are looking at where growth will come from and how to respond to changing customer needs. Several indu...

07 Nov 2011
Gaurav Handa

Getting a Grip on Big Data in Financial Services

As we start off the week at SIBOS, big data is a big focus. This year, a deep dive into big data is taken during an Innotribe session at the conference, part of a larger initiative to enable collabora...

20 Sep 2011
Gaurav Handa

Road to Basel III: Australia Preps for Life in the Fast Lane

The road to Basel III compliance may be getting significantly shorter for some banks. Just last week, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority announced a proposal that would require Australian...

15 Sep 2011
Gaurav Handa

The Road to Basel III: Navigating the Curves Ahead

Financial institutions in Europe and North America will be eager to turn the page on August. Far from the anticipated doldrums of summer, we witnessed a return to stomach-churning market volatility, ...

02 Sep 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Gaurav Handa

European Banks Prepare for Possible Basel III Redux

It has been said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” and as recent events have demonstrated, many European banks held too little loss-absorbing capital to allow for the ri...

05 Aug 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Gaurav Handa

Stressful Times for Eurozone

After much discussion and soul-searching – the largest banks in the EU have finally published their stress test results to the European Banking Authority which, in turn, published them to the wider ma...

15 Jul 2011
Financial Risk Management
Gaurav Handa

Liquidity Risk-A Little Stress Now to Avoid Headache Later

As the industry prepares to implement Basel III's liquidity risk provisions, it's important to begin the journey with a solid understanding of the minimum standards required by the Bank for Internatio...

01 Jul 2011
Gaurav Handa

Get Ready for a Macroprudential Approach to Regulation

Fed seeks annual U.S. bank stress tests. In his recent address at the 47th Annual Conference on Bank Structure and Competition, Chicago, Chairman Bernanke spoke of initiatives on both sides of the

20 May 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Gaurav Handa

Aligning Risk and Finance, Enough Said Already?

With black swan events on the rise, how are financial institutions responding? Stress tests conducted by regulators on both sides of the pond have now moved from a onetime exercise to de rigueur eve

19 Apr 2011

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