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Anna Kuzmina

Watching out for Account2Account, Spend Management, and Compliance Tech

The company valuation rating might not be the correct way to understand the leaders but it does paint a picture of the global trends and patterns. Recently, CB Insights published their Global Unicorn...

27 Mar 2024
Anna Kuzmina

We are cash-free: Sweden's fintech outlook

“We are a cash-free hotel. Payments can be made with the most common credit cards”. This was the message I received from the hotel in Stockholm when stepping onto the Viking land of Sweden. “We are

20 Feb 2024
Anna Kuzmina

Namibia and its trust in people

Namibia is quite small in terms of population. Also it has been under South Africa’s wing for a long time before going independent. These two facts are enough to tell me that there might be just noth

29 Sep 2023
Anna Kuzmina

UAE fintech: expectations game

The United Arabian Emirates is no doubt a global wonder. Global hub, expats’ oasis, rich people’s tax haven. Flocks of professionals are moving mostly to Dubai for temporary residence, work or to ins

06 Mar 2023
Asia Financial Services
Anna Kuzmina

What happened to Russian fintech after the global ‘cancelling’

This is seriously fascinating in the business case sense. I do not think any country in recent history has faced such a rapid change in the way its fintech and banking system operate. Global sanctions...

07 Jan 2023
Anna Kuzmina

Pay-ins and Payouts for the international businesses working with Russia: crisis FAQ from Bank 131

Updated: 02/03/2022 at 16.20 Bank 131 was created to operate in the global digital economy. We have served and still serve as a bridge between businesses and people wherever they are. At this crisis t...

27 Feb 2022
Anna Kuzmina

Winter Olympics 2022: digital yuan demo fail

Winter Olympic Games hosted in Beijing 2022 are a big deal. Not the event itself, but the life experience for those inside this guarded COVID-safe bubble. Olympic Village is a very important showcase ...

11 Feb 2022
Anna Kuzmina

Serbian fintech surprise

Eastern Europe, Balkan state, ex-Yugoslavia — this is how I used to describe Serbia when talking to people on other continents. Now, ‘Serbia’ has become well known in the closed circle of IT people.

03 Feb 2022
Anna Kuzmina

SWIFT and Russia: what is going on, and what new opportunities it can bring?

(Dmitry Demidko via Unsplash) Since 2014 there have been on and off polemics about Russia's possible disconnection from the SWIFT system. In the last weeks, those conversations have been increasingly

01 Feb 2022
Anna Kuzmina

3 dimensions of Mexico: payment experience

Mexico is hot right now. In every sense. It might not be so boiling hot in fintech as rivaling Brazil, but it is getting there. Here is the Mexico of the moment that I saw through the eyes of the tour...

20 Jan 2022
Anna Kuzmina

Fintech trends. Developments, technology and the search for new value.

Over the past 10 years a real revolution in finance has taken place. Infrastructure changed, the whole world moved to smartphones with accessible and cheap internet. It allowed hundreds of fintech com...

18 Jan 2022
Anna Kuzmina

The Future of Money, Finance and the Internet by Ravi Menon

The Future of Money, Finance and the Internet by Ravi Menon (Screenshot from SFF 2021) I think the Singapore government is brilliant. Why? Let’s see. I have interacted with quite a few countries’ offi...

23 Dec 2021

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