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Matthew Ruoss

For asset managers, good stewardship is good business

ESG screens are common among asset managers today, in response to growing client demand for investments that align with their values. Much of the buzz has focused on the ‘E’ and ‘S’ of ESG, as manager...

05 Aug 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Gary Linieres

Beyond onboarding: pitfalls and potential during a pandemic

Coming into 2020, many wealth management firms were beginning to realise that their continued focus on the digital transformation of onboarding, at the expense of other wraparound processes, was putti...

30 Jul 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Eugene Rudenko

Breaking the Fall, or How Fintechs Can Mitigate the Economic Effects of COVID-19

In the face of the worsened economic situation conditioned by the pandemic, many fintech companies now reconsider their processes. A particular focus is put towards more practical approaches in areas ...

02 Jul 2020
Financial Risk Management
Joris Lochy

A demographic shift changing the financial landscape forever

The Baby Boomer generation (i.e. the generation born between 1946 and 1964 - so between 55-75 years old) is retiring in record numbers. In the US alone, about 10.000 baby boomers will retire every day...

09 Jun 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Chris Principe

Bond-Fires of the Vanities

Bond-Fires of the Vanities, The US Government plan to save the Bond Market, Many of you may remember the 1987 Tom Wolfe book that became the 1990 movie “Bonfires of the Vanities”. The story is about...

08 Jun 2020
The Payments Business
Dominic Gamble

How Relationship Managers still hold the keys to wealth management success post-COVID

Coming into 2020, many wealth management firms have already embarked on digital transformation projects, while others have been slow to evolve. And while digitising the client experience, addressing d...

01 Jun 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Gary Linieres

Managing Portfolios in a Pandemic: Why Intelligent Automation Matters Most

In January, when I asked the Wealth Dynamix leadership team to pick one piece of advice they would offer to a wealth manager looking to achieve differentiation in 2020, we had no idea that within week...

14 May 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

Your Personal Balance Sheet - Should everybody have one?

For companies a financial balance sheet (i.e. the statement of the financial position at a certain date) is common practice and for the majority of companies even mandatory to create one as part of th...

05 May 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

What are the Key Strategies and Tools to help Wealth Management Through the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The wealth management sector is facing unprecedented challenges due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. As the coronavirus spreads, wealth managers’ business continuity plans need to include more ...

15 Apr 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Retired Member


The paradigm shift brought about by coronavirus is forcing the wealth management industry to formulate strategies and come up with better tools and solutions to survive in this crisis. Sustaining inv

01 Apr 2020
Matthew Ruoss

The billion-dollar oversight investment managers make every year

Every year, hundreds of Scrip dividends are issued by companies. Managers must make a relatively straightforward decision: take a cash dividend or take additional shares. It’s the duty of the manager ...

31 Mar 2020
Post-Trade Forum
Daniel Fasnacht

The Way Forward: 21 Ideas for Bank Leaders to Boost Business after the Crisis

In the hardest times, there is always a way to get better. With The Way Forward, I’d like to share disruptive changes that shape industries, businesses, and societies in the context of financial servi...

25 Mar 2020
Innovation in Financial Services