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Colin Weir

Crisis the catalyst for innovation

We are certainly faced with some of the greatest problems of our time; the disparity between wealth and poverty, the scarcity of resources, the economic system and the security of our food supply. The...

31 Dec 2013
Retired Member

Will Banks Be Ready for Expanded Stress-Test Rules?

Now that the financial regulatory agencies, including the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., have released the highly anticipated economic scenarios that wi...

30 Dec 2013
Retired Member

The 2013 Mortgage Market in 140 Characters or Less

2013 has been a pivotal year in the mortgage market – final rules for MMR, new regulatory bodies with the PRA and FCA, house sales and mortgage sales starting to rise, a new Governor of the Bank of En...

20 Dec 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Anne Plested

All I want for Christmas

It seems there’s to be no early MiFID II Christmas present as agreement on the Level 1 text slips into 2014. Publication of the final text is now hotly anticipated to be in January or February next y...

20 Dec 2013
Steve Sprague

Brazil NFe v3.1 - Part 2 of 6 - Onpremise versus Cloud

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies are Using Brazil version 3.1 to Transition off of on-premise solutions in to Managed Service Solutions In the second part of this series on using the Brazil Nota Fiscal ver...

18 Dec 2013
Electronic invoicing
Retired Member

Why Market Risk Systems Are Vital to Volcker Rule Compliance

On December 10, 2013, five U.S. financial regulators approved a game-changing series of new rules that prohibit a broad array of financial risk activities that contributed to the near collapse of the ...

17 Dec 2013
Retired Member

What does US interchange ruling mean for retailers?

The US District Court’s ruling to accept a one-off settlement from Visa and MasterCard to merchants over credit card interchange fee overcharges in the United States means that no interchange cap has...

16 Dec 2013
Retired Member

The Final Volker Rule: Enhanced Automation is Key for Banks

The Volcker rule, codified as part of the Dodd-Frank Act, pertains to all depository institutions and those affiliated with or regulated as banks (“banking entities”). The rule, now finalized by all f...

16 Dec 2013
Retired Member

False assumptions

The recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) Trade Reporting Seminar featured a surprise announcement surrounding EMIR trade reporting requirements. Co...

13 Dec 2013
Matt Dolton

Post-trade malaise in managing exceptions

Even after all these years many organisations have not yet managed to get their back-office processes as slick as the front office, especially when it comes to managing exceptions in post-trade proces...

12 Dec 2013
Retired Member

Evolution and the exchange

Just as with humans, evolution is essential to exchanges and depositories. Competition in the exchange space has increased over the last few years, in part due to MiFID. Some exchanges (like NYSE and ...

12 Dec 2013
Retired Member

Smoke-free markets

In recent months regulators have increased their focus on detecting and reporting possible incidents of market abuse. In Europe trading firms are expected to check for potential offences and report th...

12 Dec 2013