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Mark Sitkowski

The Flaw in POS terminal security. Solved

However advanced the security model used by a retailer's point of sale terminals, whether it be biometrics, EMV cards, one time passwords or any other kind, the single point of failure is the fact tha...

18 Aug 2014
Retired Member

Fintech startups: A week in review

FinGenius and TransferGo reach BBVA competition shortlist Two of Level39's startups have made it through to the European finals of BBVA's 'Open Talent' competition. FinGenius does AI tech for banks, w...

18 Aug 2014
Nanda Kumar

Loan Rangers

What the regulation of payday loans means for retail banking. The FCA's announcement of tougher regulations for payday lenders in the UK has already split opinion. Whether a welcome protection for the...

12 Aug 2014
Retired Member

Fintech startups: A week in review

Under-the-radar startups Bank Innovation, a banking innovation blog, has uncovered some fintech startups we should be keeping our eye on - a B2B payments system, an investment management tool, a debt ...

12 Aug 2014
Steve D'Souza

A suitable there such a thing?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has a clear set of guidelines that require wealth managers to demonstrate the exercise of their duty of care towards clients. All wealth management firms recognis...

11 Aug 2014
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Calling B.S On Banking The Unbanked

Financial inclusion, banking the unbanked - call it what you will but, in a nutshell, the gist of these initiatives can be expressed as follows: People wish to borrow money only from banks; people wis...

08 Aug 2014
Brett King

Can we stop talking 'Branch of the Future'?

Whether it is Bank of Queensland with their Hipster Branch launch, Citi's famed Apple-Store Branches, NAB's Crowd concept, Unicredit "Branch of the Future" in Italy and Bulgaria, PNC's Tel...

05 Aug 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Fintech startups: Another week in review

10 Downing Street opens doors to startups The government looks like it could be taking innovation a bit more seriously. David Cameron hosted a startup pitch in his living room. The doors of No. 10 Do...

04 Aug 2014
Retired Member

New rules of banking

Today’s banks need to cater to a new generation of digitally native consumers who have radically different expectations from brands than any previous generation before them. Understanding these custom...

04 Aug 2014
Neelesh Parekh

Bonus Clawback: Where's the Monk that sold his Ferrari?

Whilst the industry (Bankers) reel over having bonuses clawed back, I begin to ask myself if they really understand the responsibility that they hold? Making decisions on fixing rates, mis-selling pol...

31 Jul 2014
Retired Member

Profiting through Instant Gratification

The idea of offering results ‘right now’ is becoming a competing differentiator in various industries. Examples are galore: same-day delivery in retail industry, immediate booking of cab through mobi...

31 Jul 2014
Gareth Ellis

Are you losing sleep over interchange fee changes?

If you’re a European merchant acquirer, then I should think you are. In case you've not been following the conversations around the new regulations, here’s what we know already: The EU Commission c...

29 Jul 2014