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Bigger than Technology

MyData - making formal rights actionable

09 Feb 2020

Based on the global movement (building on GDPR) and work in the Real Time Economy program we now have - in my firm opinion an unique and combination enabling: 1. ethical use of empowered data, and 2. a clear and logical opportunity to take services to an entirely new level (My- and Big Data serving life events - with help also of algorit...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Four Narratives

24 Jan 2020

It is no secret that a fundamental change has started - the migration to a data-driven economy. Why this should be speeded up is obvious - everyone stands to benefit (i) from much better services when any citizen can authorise connecting MyData and Big Data to life events (at home and at work), (ii) from costs being automated away in all adminstra...

After hours

Entering 2020

01 Jan 2020

2019 was not - mildly speaking - the best of recent years. Global warming - also manifested by ongoing horrible fires in Australia - advanced, democracy was weakened in many western countries by irresponsible populists, the vision of a globally strong single market Europe took a setback with Brexit and Russian military agression and persecution of...


Speech today

11 Nov 2019

Speach to students and supporters at Aalto University innovation workshop. Dear innovators, We are now entering a very fascinating era – the data-driven economy - where so many megatrends converge. You are to be congratulated to have so many opportunities to change the world for the much better. Many opportunities to create and share important ...